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How do I play?Edit

Join either or, look behind you to find the Wasted building. Enter it, make sure you have server textures enabled, and pick a server by right-clicking a sign.

Ok, so how do I get into a game?Edit

Once you're in, you'll spawn into a lobby with many other players. Walk to the team select wall to your right or left, and pick a team. Remember, Independants are against everyone. Once you've done this, click on either the random spawn sign on the pillars, or click on a town select sign on the larger wall opposite where you came in.

Okay, now what?Edit

You will spawn at a town, so head to the town, find a gun, and meet up with your team/friends. You can only hold one primary gun (drop the book), one secondary, and 7 miscallaneous items (ammo, grenades, rations, etc.). There is an objective marker (Compass) and chat channel changer (Walkie-talkie) in your inventory. Once you aqcuire the bare essentials, you can do whatever you want. Go explore, take over bases, or complete objectives!