The Mosin Nagant is a high-powered, semi-automatic sniper rifle with a slight delay between shots. It is the only "true" sniper rifle in the game, and is extremely powerful. It uses 7.62x54R ammuntion.


The Mosin is a very powerful weapon that can bring someone down to 1/2 to 2 hearts. And in rare occasions it can kill a player in 1 hit. Despite this, it has a large amount of drop-off, and the small clip size, long reloading time, and delay between shots can be fatal if not prepared for.

This is a favorite among snipers seeking a challenge, and as such, you can find a few payers using it despite them having enough for other, more powerful guns.

because its a sniping rifle its very accurate and easy to headshot with. and in a shop you can buy the 50 dollar mosin plus 50 dollar ammo from your starting money,making it a great starting weapon.