Completing objectives and missions, given at random times, give you special weapons, items, and vehicles. While challenging, these provide an expediant way towards getting high-tier weapons instead of camping towns for money.

There are currently 3 different objectives:

Weapons CacheEdit

A few chests spawn around a central point, and are filled with high-tier and unique items, such as singularity grenades and C4. You beat and clear the objective when all chests are destroyed or looted. These are the easiest objectives to accomplish, and it is easy to complete these solo, provided you have a mid to high tier weapon and a Storage Truck.

Drop ZoneEdit

Drop Zones require somebody to stand at a location for 8 minutes in order for a drop ship to deliver several chests filled with high tier weapons and unique weapons, such as singularity grenades and C4. This is considered to be the hardest objective to complete, due to the long time that you need to stand at the location, and the beacon which is located at the point giving away your position.

Zombie OutbreakEdit

This objective is currently broken, and as such, not much is known about it. We do know what the building looks like, and how to complete it. A white building spawns with a hoard of fast and powerful zombies surrounding it. Inside is the Mech Suit; once you get the suit, the objective ends.